BioMorph Pune 2017

The workshop will is broken into two phases. The first will introduce fundamental concepts of biomimicry with the second phase translating and extending those themes into an architectural intervention.

The introductory biomimetic course will frame these themes within the context of an architectural agenda. This will be done through the examination of specific biological examples and how these could result in innovative functional morphologies. The completion of phase one will introduce students to the proposed design that the workshop will pursue along with the primary material and processes that will be used in phase two.

The second phase of the workshop explores how a bio-inspired logic can be translated into design. This will take form in a hands on workshop in specific material explorations using a well known and widely used material in India. This is the exploration of low tech methods with an innovative fabrication method to produce new dynamic morphologies. The architectural tectonics and fabrication will result in a component based system developed through local, regional and global hierarchies. The design should demonstrates the structural and spatial possibilities of the material. 

This year the research will develop a tile and series of tile typologies. This will be the result of rigorous research into the composition of how tiles are formed and cured. At a a local scale the geometry of the tile will be tested and resolved and shell geometries that could be achieved. 

In addition, in each iteration of the workshop an installation-mockup will be built with the students, pushing forward the overall agenda. This installation will remain in the premises of the school during the year.