Main Topics

Three main topics will be discussed during AAVS BioMorph: Biomimicry, material process and innovative fabrication method. Logics extracted from biological organisms will inform and architectural solution using a local material -brick tiles- and an innovative fabrication method generated through computational tools


Examples from biology will inform the development and exploration how structure is formed in nature. Case studies will form the base knowledge for how material efficiency is achieved in nature. The aim of a specific material system exploration, informed by biomimetic methods, is to create a new base of knowledge for the potential of new techniques in construction. The primary conceptual driver will be to create optimised structures informed by biological precedents.

Material Process

BioMorph will focus on one local material - thin brick tiles as the research domain for the next two years (or 3 workshops). The Visiting school would explore the possibility of forming an alternative brick and test its performance based on its compressive strength and environmental qualities. A scaled prototype would be prepared within the premises of the school. The workshop would then offer the unique opportunity to scale the prototype using the technique developed into a 1:1 community center. The overall success of the assembly will be evaluated on its performative and structural qualities and the construction details as well as on the emergent spatial and aesthetic characteristics of its intervention.

Innovative Fabrication

The workshop will explore the generation of an innovative fabrication method to achieving form. The translation of scientific methods to built form is through using specific digital tools. Introduction courses to software such as rhino, grasshopper and finite element analysis software will be taught at the workshop. These digital tools will be used to accelerate the experimentation process to create optimised structures using a local material.